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Monday, January 25, 2010

WUD Online Poll Results for Dagupan City as of January 25, 2010

What’s Up Dagupan will post the results of the online poll for the 2010 Dagupan City Local Elections every Monday of the week until May 10, 2010. Show your support by voting for your candidates. The online poll is located at the right sidebar of the blogsite. 

As of January 5, 2010, Celia Lim leads the congressional poll by 4 votes over Gina de Venecia. Benjie Lim leads the mayoralty race by 12 votes over incumbent Al Fernandez. In the VM poll, Belen Fernandez is up by 14 votes over Danilo C. Torio. The following candidates for Councilor who are in the magic 10 are: Red Erfe-Mejia, Karlos E. Reyna,
Maybelyn D. Fernandez, Ma. Librada Fe M. Reyna, Alipio Serafin D. Fernandez,  Michael W. Sim, Brian Lim, Jesus B. Canto, Alex De Venecia and Jigs Seen.

Here are the results after 3 days of putting the online poll:  
Congressman (4th District): 
Total votes as of January 25, 2010 5:00 pm - 42
Alejandro Decano - 0 (0%), Georgina de Venecia - 19 (45%), Celia Lim -  23 (54%)

Total votes as of January 25, 2010 5:00 pm - 46
Alipio F. Fernandez Jr. -  17 (36%), Benjamin S. Lim - 29 (63%)

Vice Mayor: 
Total votes as of January 25, 2010 5:00 pm - 42
Belen T. Fernandez - 28 (66%), Danilo C. Torio - 14 (33%)

Total votes as of January 25, 2010 5:00 pm - 58
Jestoni Aquino - 9 (15%)
Jesus B. Canto - 18 (31%)
Alvin Coquia - 8 (13%)
Nelson Cuison - 6 (10%)
Alex De Venecia -12 (20%)
Redford Christian Erfe-Mejia - 33 (56%)
Alipio Serafin D. Fernandez - 22 (37%)
Maybelyn D. Fernandez - 25 (43%)
Marc Brian Lim - 18 (31%)
Alfonso Llamas - 5 (8%)
Joseph Anthony Manaois - 6 (10%)
Leu Paragas- 0 (0%)
Tito T. Perez - 4 (6%)
Alfredo U. Quinto - 6 (10%)
Karlos Liberato E. Reyna IV -  27 (46%)
Ma. Librada Fe M. Reyna - 24 (41%)
Luis M. Samson Jr. - 13 (22%)
Jigs Seen - 10 (17%)
Michael W. Sim - 22 (37%)
Allan Sison - 3 (5%)
Butch Cardinal Torio - 3 (5%)
Guillermo Vallejos - 1 (1%)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Online Poll for Dagupan City

DagupeƱos! Cast your votes at the online poll found at right sidebar of What's Up Dagupan. Show your support for your candidates!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Congratulations FSA on Ulang & Saline Tilapia Culture Graduates!

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The graduation/closing ceremony of the Fisheries School on-the-Air (FSA) on Ulang & Saline Tilapia Culture is scheduled on February 5, 2010 at the Asian Fisheries Academy, NIFTDC Compound, Bonuan Binloc, Dagupan City.

Expected guests and speakers are Mr. Gil Adora (OIC-Director,BFAR); Atty. Arthur Yap (Secretary, DA); Dr. Estrella Alabastro (Secretary, DOST); Ms. Zen Dimalanta (ABS-CBN Foundation), and Mr. Angelo Palmones (Agham Partylist/PSciJourn).

Three outstanding enrollee-participants each for FSA Ulang Culture and FSA Saline Tilapia Culture shall be awarded during the event. Awardees will be selected and assessed based on the following criteria: (1) exam results (2) existing facilities & (3) interest/willingness to adapt the technology learned. Candidates shall be subjected to evaluation and assessment by FSA Organizers (AFA/ PCAMRD & Santeh Feeds Corporation through its Technical Sales Reps). Each awardee shall receive P5,000 worth of feeds from Santeh Feeds Corporation, saline tilapia fingerlings or ulang postlarvae from NIFTDC-BFAR/AFA-NFRDI & cash award of P5,000 from
Agham Partylist.

The ABS-CBN Foundation, Provincial Government of Pangasinan and the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) will provide bus and L300 van for the participants on February 5 who will be coming from:

South Luzon

- Pick-up point: ABS-CBN Foundation Office (Genesis Bus)
- Call time: 4.30AM
- Departure: 5AM

Central Luzon

- Pick-up point: SM San Fernando, Pampanga (Pangasinan Provincial Bus)
- Call time: 6.30AM
- Departure: 7AM

Northern Luzon

- Pick-up point: Victory Bus Terminal Dagupan (L300 Van)
- Call time: 7AM
- Departure: 7.30AM

Participant/ Enrollees shall be given priority. Please confirm your attendance/ participation in the graduation ceremony through Zeny Pamulaklakin at CP No. 0917-8903581.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Eugene Torre, Bimmisita’d Dagupan

Simon Francis Blaise R. Vistro, ekslusibo’d Silew na Baley

DAGUPAN CITY - Nen Iniro 4, bimmisita diad siudad na Dagupan si Eugene Torre diad panamegley na Rotary Club na Dagupan East (RCDE). Si Torre so sankaunaan ya grandmaster ed chess diad Asya. Agamoran to yan kagalangan ed kalangweran ton edad ya 22.


Inmatindi na pandem-miting na RCDE si Torre bilang tagidulong na Rotary Club na Sta. Mesa, siudad na Quezon ta pian napirmaan so “Renewal of Sisterhood Agreement” na duaran Rotary Club. Angiter met a daiset a tolong pinansial so Rotary Club na Sta. Mesa nipaakar ed proyikto na RCDE ya medical mission para’d saramay biktima nen bagion Pepeng ed sayan onsabin bulan na Pibriro.

Imbaga met nen Mario Lim, tagidulong na RCDE, ya kabiangan to may medical mission so sakey ya chess clinic/exhibition. Migalaw tan manbangat si Torre ed saray sankamaongan ya manggagalaw ya chess diad Pangasinan.

Kaiba nen Eugene Torre ed sayan litrato si Simon Vistro, miembro na UPSP, 2010-2011 tagikurit na Rotary Club na Dagupan East tan sankaunaan ya tagidulong na JCI Dagupan East.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Balon Silew Now Available in Dagupan City

BALON SILEW, the arts and culture magazine of Pangasinan and official publication of Ulupan na Pansiansiya'y Salitan Pangasinan (UPSP) is now available in Dagupan City. Buy your latest copy of the magazine for only P50 at Mamalol's Restaurant c/o Rob Erfe-Mejia or at Red Designs c/o Red Erfe-Mejia, Tapuac Dist., Dagupan City. Or contact Simon Vistro 09174914495, Ibawag tayo so litiraturan Pangasinan! Itandoro so nanlapuan!


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