Saturday, June 25, 2011

Daungan Sa Dawel To Open on July 1

Repost from D' Dagupan Dream:

DAGUPAN CITY – The official docking site of the “Dawel River Cruise” dubbed as “Daungan sa Dawel” will formally serve its purpose on July 1 less than three months after Mayor Benjamin S. Lim launched the river tourism attraction last April this year.
The “daungan” is located at the foot of the Dawel Bridge in front of the San Marino place in Bonuan Catacdang with an approximate area of 600 square meters while its docking area is 50 square meters.

Aside from the river cruise, it will also serve as the docking area for "kayaks and canoes with a floating pier'. It has a multi-purpose covered area with a tension membrane structure, which can be rented out for parties and other social functions.
It also has air-conditioned restrooms, a multi-purpose mini-stage with waterfall in a tropical landscape setting, a visitor parking area and a friendly pedestrian lane and a ramp for persons with disabilities.
It is the first river cruise dock in Pangasinan and the first tension membrane tent structure to be erected in the province.

Part of the tour package is a journey to a fishing area where enthusiasts can stop by and experience the joy of feeding bangus in a fishpond. (CIO – Joseph C. Bacani)

Dagupan takes tourism campaign online

Repost from D' Dagupan Dream:

Promotion of tourism in Dagupan City has been put to a higher level with the use of the internet.

Local netizens were invited by the Dagupan City Tourism Office to take part in the first Dagupan Tweetup and Website launching ceremony on the very day of the Agew na Dagupan celebration, June 20.

Tourism officers and guests were led by Mayor Benjie S. Lim during the launching held on one of the river cruise boats equipped with a wi-fi connection afloat the shore of the Daungan sa Dawel in Bonuan Gueset, Dagupan where the vessels are docked.

Ms. Rose Teng-Mejia, officer-in-charge of the City Tourism Office, in her welcome message, stressed that the campaign was brought online to keep pace with the times and for people to know more about the city and to reach out to Dagupeños around the world.

For his part, Mayor Lim pointed out that support for the campaign will benefit the fisherfolks and will result to cleaner rivers, adding that “tourism is employment, not just enjoyment.”

Simon Francis Vistro, City Tourism writer/researcher and Mike Fernandez, owner of PixelHub Creative who designed, published and developed the city’s official tourism website for free, later unveiled the site and discussed its highlights. Subsequently, they oriented the social media enthusiasts on how to participate in the blogging network and how to call on others to do the same.

Young City Tourism Officer Dana Santiago, in her message, urged Dagupeños to take part in promoting the city’s tourism industry as a “challenge… to do our shared responsibility.”

The event was made possible through the help of Harlijk Productions.

To participate in increasing the awareness of the public about the city’s tourism program, everyone is encouraged to log on to and spread its URL on social networking sites, repost “What’s Up Dagupan” blog entries or create a similar blog and use on twitter the following hashtags: #AgewNaDagupan, #DaguFUN and #DawelRiverCruise. – (CIO)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dawel River Cruise: One of the 100 Ways to Have Fun in Dagupan!

The Dawel River Cruise takes us back to the time of the forefathers of Dagupan City when the early settlers painstakingly built fishponds with their bare hands and simple tools, the present when the rivers have been revived and revitalized until the future when the fruition of the sparkling clean rivers are enjoyed by the next generation of Dagupeños.

The Dawel River Cruise will let you experience the serenity and pristine beauty of Dagupan’s rivers. One would definitely enjoy the refreshing breeze, invigorating sight of the clean river, mangroves, different avian species, various freshwater fishes including Dagupan’s treasure and the world’s tastiest milkfish– the Dagupan Bangus!

One of the eco-tourism and livelihood projects of Dagupan City Mayor Benjamin S. Lim, the Dawel River Cruise starts from the newly built wharf or quay at the foot of the Dawel bridge in Catacdang, Bonuan Gueset. The cruise which would last for about an hour, passes through Dawel and Watac-Mamalingling- two river tributaries of Pantal and Bayaoas rivers. Pantal and Bayaoas rivers are two of the Seven Rivers of Dagupan City which include Patogcawen, Magueragday, Paldakit, Calmay and Tanap.

The Dawel River Cruise which was launched in this year’s Bangus Festival, will feature a floating restaurant with water-resistant audio-visual facilities, day spa cruise and serenading local musicians. Each boat is made of an engine-powered flat deck catamaran with two hulls. Its roof is made out of Nipa palm leaves securely fastened in stainless steel frames. From afar the boat looks like a floating Nipa hut or bahay kubo. As of today, there are three boats that are available for the cruise. The medium sized boats can seat around twenty five (25) persons while forty to forty five (40-45) persons can fill up the big boat. Safety provisions like lifesavers for each passenger are placed in boat railings. Boat drivers, boat assistants and tour guides are trained swimmers and rescuers.

Along the stretch of the riverbank where the boat passes, one could see lush green trees called mangroves or bakawan. There are about fourteen (14) identified species out of the forty eight species of mangroves found in the Philippines.

Situated at the turn-about of the cruise are ruins of the old railroad track built in the early 1900’s that lead to Damortis. Provisions for kayak rentals, souvenir shops, snack bars and restrooms strategically placed in pit stops of the river cruise are also in the works. One of the special features of the cruise is the feeding of large bangus weighing an average of seven kilos in one of the pit stops of the cruise.

So the next time you visit Dagupan City, be entertained and captivated by the Dawel River Cruise. For inquiries, contact the Dagupan City Tourism Office at 075-515-6196, email and, tweet @dagupantourism or post in You may also visit the Dagupan City Tourism website at

Enjoy your stay here. Have fun in Dagupan!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Agew Na Dagupan: 1st Dagupan Tweetup and Website Launch of Dagupan Tourism

Dagupeno netizens are using the the power of the internet and social media to celebrate Agew na Dagupan (Dagupan Day) through the 1st Dagupan Tweetup and Launching of the Dagupan City Tourism website.

The What’s Up Dagupan blog network and the Dagupan City Tourism Office called on all Filipino bloggers, Facebook, Tumblr and Posterous users, Tweeps, Plurkers and all netizens to join the 64th Agew na Dagupan celebration with the theme Progreso ng Baley, Responsibilidad na Balang Sinansakey (The Progress of the City is Everyone’s Responsibility) on June 20, 2011 to increase awareness, promote and celebrate the Dagupan Day celebration, the City Tourism Office’s tourism campaign: Have Fun in Dagupan and the Dawel River Cruise.

Everyone is urged to participate through the following actions:

  • Tweet, Plurk, or post in Facebook to spread the word about this event: Share or repost this announcement
  • Use the Twitter hashtags #AgewNaDagupan, #DaguFUN and #DawelRiverCruise.
  • Repost and share tweets from @whatsupdagupan and @dagupantourism.
  • Spread the URL which will be launched on the June 20, 2011.
  • Join the Agew na Dagupan celebration from your favorite social media channels (blog, Tumblr, Posterous, Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, etc.) on June 20, 2011.
  • Join the 1st Dagupan Tweetup on June 20, 2011, 4 pm at the Daungan Sa Dawel, Catacdang, Bonuan Gueset, Dagupan City.
  • Use of other creative ways to convey the message to save and clean Dagupan’s rivers is also encouraged. Bloggers can post their answer to “Why do you love Dagupan?”; post photo essays about the Dawel River Cruise, other tourist destinations and everything about Dagupan City; and design and share mini-posters, posters and drawings.

The 1st Dagupan Tweetup and launching of the Dagupan City Tourism website is in cooperation with Pixelhub Creative and Harlijk Productions.

What’s Up Dagupan chronicles what's Hip and Hot in Dagupan City. It is a compendium of the news, events, culture, food, arts, language and music of Region I's "Pandaragupan", Longest Grill World Record Breaker and Bangus Capital of the World!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kuma-64 Agew na Dagupan Programa Ya Gawaen

Pamili na Makagamor na “Rizal Matalunggaring ya Kalangweran
Hunyo 10
Panagsimbatan na Bumabangat

Agew na Kawayangan
Hunyo 12, 7:30 na Kabuasan
Nibansan Atagey Ya Eskuwelaan ed Siyudad na Dagupan

Pantanem na Kiew
Hunyo 12, 8:00 na Kabuasan
Opisina’y dibisyon
Dagupan City National High School
Salisay Elementary School

Pangiparuntal na “Sanengseng” (Malinac Lay Labi Choir Competition)
Hunyo 12, 8:00 na Kabuasan
Panagsimbatan na Guerrero
Palasyo na Obispo

Manlinkor Ya Kalangweran
A. Pangiwanwan
Hunyo 15-17
Panagsambatan na Bumabangat

B. Simba Ya Panlingkor
Hunyo 21-27
Nanduruman Opisina

Sukata’y Talisiw
Hunyo 17, 8:00 na Kabuasan
Sentro na Panangibangat ed Dibisyon

Pamuria na Taoir
Hunyo 17, 3:00 na Ngarem
Museo na Dagupan

Pamuria na Mananam tan Masamit Ya Panangan
Hunyo 17, 4:00 na Ngarem
Tondaligan na Aray Matatakken

Nibansan Panliliketan
Hunyo 19, 5:30 na Kabuasan
Manlapu’d Dawel anggad Plaza na Dagupan Ya Batik

150 Pamagalang na Inkiyanak nen Dr. Jose Rizal
Hunyo 19, 7:30 na Kabuasan
Plaza na Dagupan

Misa Ya Pisasalamat
Hunyo 20, 7:00 na Kabuasan
Plaza na Dagupan

Programa Para ed Kuma-64 Ya Agew na Dagupan
Hunyo 20, 8:00 na Kabuasan
Plaza na Dagupan

Panangaro’d Baley
Hunyo 20
Museo na Dagupan


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