Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tinday Labi

Repost from The Official Website of Dagupan City:

Shoppers looking for innovative and affordable products for Christmas gifts and other everyday needs are expected to flock anew to Dagupan’s tiangge type Tinday Labi every weekend beginning November 14.

Councilor Karlos Liberato Reyna IV, this year’s Dagupan City fiesta hermano mayor, said Dagupan instantly became a bargain hunter’s paradise with the return of the night market last Saturday, bringing life to the downtown area during the night, business-and-tourism-wise.

“The great thing about shopping during Tinday Labi is that you’ll find a number of clothes, toys, knick-knacks, shirts, blouses, and other wonderful gift items at affordable prices. Lucky hunters may find authentic items for a fraction of a cost,” he said.

He added that the night market (the section of AB Fernandez corner Zamora Street to corner Jovellanos streets) would be open to all vendors selling various kinds of goods.

The annual night market starts from 4:00PM and stays open until the wee hours past midnight every Fridays and Saturdays.

Every year, Reyna said shoppers and visitors alike are amazed by the number of stalls line up serving different items with plenty of choices.

During peak times the place is jam-packed with hungry eaters, with several stores of fruits, beverages and easy-to-carry food items for those who like to eat while scouting for items to buy.

He said residents and visitors alike come up on overnight trips to Dagupan for the ukay-ukay, also known as “wagwagan”, or thrift stores selling anything from used clothing to children’s toys.

Reyna said those who are into bargain hunting will find the shopping action during Tinday Labi a treat.

“Dagupan is no tourist trap. The prices of commodities are already reasonable. With some haggling, buyers can bring the prices even lower,” he said

He said while Pangasinenses and Dagupenos are frugal in nature, they always have an eye out for a good bargain, and sellers take no offense when potential buyers haggle for a better price. © Ryan Ravanzo

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