Thursday, November 18, 2010

WUD Poll of the Week Results for Naniniwala ba kayong magkakaroon ng SM Dagupan?

Fellow Dagupeños, here are your responses to the survey question: Naniniwala ba kayong magkakaroon ng SM Dagupan?

Oo. Now na please!  (83%)

Malamang. Kaso matatagalan pa. By 2013 o 2016 siguro...  (4%)

Malabo. Siguradong tututol yung ibang mall owners  (8%)

Huwag na oy. Kawawa naman ang mga maliliit na negosyante   (1%)

Wala akong pakialam. Solb na ako sa CSI, Magic, BHF at Nepo  (2%)

The result indicates that majority of Dagupeños WANT SM to be built in Dagupan and BELIEVE that it will rise soon!

Well, let's just hope and pray and wait for... 


  1. Actually, we do not need SM or any other well known malls in the country... All we need is a mall big enough to accommodate the large number of consumers that has the capability to cater all the needs of its shoppers, entertain the people who would like to find amusement, and the like.

    Kasi pag SM pa ang papatayo, syempre may ROYALTY na naman ulit yan. Syempre tataas na din ang mga basic commodities nyan kasi sa competition.

    Okay lang naman mga malls natin eh, kaya lang mas maganda sana kung kasing laki ng mga malls sa manila at kasing ganda din.

    Yun lang ang reaction ko.

  2. Let us advocate FREE ENTERPRISE. This concept promotes price war (not monopolies) and therefore it will lower the price of commodities (like what anonymous is mentioning above).

    Aside from higher employment.. it also promotes professionalism among personnel within the community. Syempre mas pupuntahan ng tao yong may systemang mall.

    Creating supply will "eventually" creates demand. Mas maraming empleyado... mas marami silang gagastosin. It is a simple economics.

    What more?? Local people working in Manila will now "go back" here and be employed locally... kasi nga, maliit ang pamasahe at malaki ang returns. This will definitely help our nation regionally... kasi magiging fair and distribution ng wealth.




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