Saturday, March 19, 2011

MacArthur Landing Site in Dagupan CIty

One of the places with historical significance worth visiting in Dagupan City  is the MacArthur Landing Site in Bonuan Gueset. It is one of the landing sites of the Liberation Forces on January 9, 1945. It is located near the shoreline of what is known as Bonuan Blue Beach or Tondaligan BeachGeneral Douglas MacArthur landed here to fulfill his promise of "I Shall Return" at the end of the World War II.  

Although Lingayen, San Fabian and Dagupan City continue to debate where MacArthur first landed, it is in Dagupan City where the biggest MacArthur Landing Marker was erected and eventually unveiled in January 23, 1984.

The memorial reads: "Luzon Landing - On this shore, known as Blue Beach, Bonuan, Dagupan City, the first combat troops of the sixth army of the United States of America under the command of General Douglas MacArthur landed on 9 January 1945 to liberate the island of Luzon thus fulfilling his promise to the Filipino people: 'I shall return'"

The MacArthur Landing Site is an ideal site for photographers and those who would like to enjoy quiet moments and observe the serenity of the nearby shore and the activities of local fishermen and residents.     


To go to the MacArthur Landing Marker coming from the city proper: Go to Bonuan Gueset. Turn left after the Caltex Station. This is Ceralde St. Go straight ahead to Ivory Coast Subdivision. To its right is the Villa Milagrosa gate enter it and you will see the MacArthur Landing Marker after a few meters. (see the red directional arrow). If you use Google Maps, the location of the Caltex Station there is wrongly labeled.

The Map was screenshot, cropped and edited from Google Maps.

Photos courtesy of Kusinero (James Fernandez) of Dagupan Bangus Litratistas.



  1. Can somebody provide a little history as to who built this memorial?



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