Thursday, December 1, 2011

Who will be the next Miss Dagupan?

Who do you think will be Miss Dagupan 2011? Scroll down to vote for your candidate!  Like our Facebook page:

The winner of the online poll will be awarded as MISS WHAT'S UP DAGUPAN and will receive cash, gift items and/or gift certificates from What's Up Dagupan and its affilitates:

AJ's Cafe and Steakhouse
Binalot University of Pangasinan
Leisure Coast Resort
Padis Point Dagupan
PC Cartel Computer Sales
Pretty Tipsy Nail and Waxing Salon
Quick8 Service Center 
Stillwater Spa

Voting has ended... The final results as of 5:00pm:

#1 - Marian Vivian Clata

#2 - Diwata Petrola

 #3 - Jeanette Greissel

#4 - Charlotte Visperas

#5 - Clarrisse Isanan

#6 - Denielle Joie Magno

#7 - Grace Joy Caparros

#8 - Joanabelle Solomon

#9 - Kimberly Camille Pacino

#10 - Rosalyn Suratos

#11 - Aiza Soriano

#12 - Elpha Pilipina


  1. I have 3 candidates to consider here. :)

  2. they all look a like except for Miss Pacino, lovely face and she stands out from the rest who looked like clones of each other... goodluck!!!!

  3. GO #6 - Denielle Joie Magno



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