Sunday, February 13, 2011

14 Places to go in Dagupan on Valentine's Day: Tondaligan Beach

Still undecided where to spend Valentine's Day with your special someone, friend or family here in Dagupan? What's up Dagupan is giving out 14 wonderful suggestions where you could enjoy that ecstatic feeling of love here in Dagupan City.

9. Tondaligan Beach

Nothing beats a romantic moment like a walk along the shores of a beach with your loved one. Tondaligan Beach (also called Bonuan Blue Beach) may have lost its glory but it's still Dagupan's natural treasure. Take a dip or have a boat ride and dine in restaurants like Matutina's, Nena's Garden or grill bangus near the shore or beside the nipa sheds. You may also want to visit the Japanese Memorial Garden and the MacArthur Landing Marker.  View some photos of Tondaligan here and here.

Tondaligan Beach is in Bonuan, Dagupan City.

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