Tuesday, February 15, 2011

State of the City Address 2011 by Mayor Benjie S. Lim: Quotes and Pictures

Pledge for us to work together, pledge for us to work harder, to be selfless and to sacrifice, to put God and City above all else, and I assure you the best is yet to come.”- Mayor Benjie S. Lim
And what greater honor is there but to be of service to the very city where we were born and raised
- Mayor Benjie S. Lim
Ang sikreto ng isang magaling na lider ay simple lamang: huwag niyong unahin ang inyong sarili
- Mayor Benjie S. Lim  

  It is our philosophy, that it is the private sector that creates jobs, and not the government.  The role of government is to pursue policies that help the private sector create jobs.
- Mayor Benjie S. Lim 
 It is also our policy to invest heavily in education and human resources development. 
- Mayor Benjie S. Lim 
 Waste management is not a task that must be left to the government to resolve alone.  Everyone should take part in it, since waste and garbage starts from our homes. 
- Mayor Benjie S. Lim 
 Our city, is, and will always be, our shared responsibility.  So, when we say that our city is our shared responsibility, I am not talking about the shared responsibility of your elected and city officials alone - I am talking about a shared responsibility by all. 
- Mayor Benjie S. Lim 

We all come and go.  But the idea of Dagupan is what endures.  But right here, right now, we have this great opportunity to do something for Dagupan - to do our modest part today, so that our city can be more prepared for an uncertain future. - Mayor Benjie S. Lim 

This should be our creed – to have one voice, to have one action, to have one goal, because our destiny remains to be our choice.  So let us seize this moment, to carry and pass the dream forward, and to strengthen our city once more. - Mayor Benjie S. Lim 

Photos by Jojo RinozaYou may contact him through whatsupdagupan@gmail.com

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